• Beach / Sun Hat Pattern
    Beach / Sun Hat Pattern

    With summer now in full swing, I decided to designed a sun / beach hat. This hat is made using cotton yarn, and pattern incorporates holes, to keep it light and allow for good air circulation. I originally made this in one colour, and the pattern has been written accordingly – however, you can choose…

  • Plain Bucket Hat with Flowers Pattern
    Plain Bucket Hat with Flowers Pattern

    Here is another pattern I have designed – this one is plain with large flowers.  This beautiful bucket hat is made using 1 main colour in sport weight cotton yarn, and then embellished with flowers in 3 colours . The yarn I used again is Katia Menfis cotton yarn. You will need just a bit…

  • Crochet Striped Bucket Hat
    Crochet Striped Bucket Hat

    As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on the pattern for a bucket hat. This is my striped bucket hat embellished with flowers. The pattern is available in my Ravelry store. This beautiful bucket hat is made using 2 colours in sport weight cotton yarn . The yarn I used is…

  • Crochet Flower Sun Hat – Free Pattern
    Crochet Flower Sun Hat – Free Pattern

    Hey all! Finally it seems like summer has made her appearance! The temperature here in Malta is in the high 20s (Celsius), there is a nice cool breeze, skies are blue and days are getting longer. No more COVID restrictions – life is good and it’s definitely the best time of the year! In warmer…

  • Froggie Bonnet – a slightly different version
    Froggie Bonnet – a slightly different version

    It’s been a while since I’ve published a post, but rest assured, I haven’t been crochet idle (ha ha – is that even a term?) – While I haven’t spent as much time as I would have liked on projects, here is a commission I recently completed. A while back, I published a post with…

  • Easy Knitted scarf
    Easy Knitted scarf

    It’s been quite a few years since I last knitted anything, as normally I prefer crochet. But, I came across this lovely yarn, and needed a project to use it for (I know – that’s the wrong order of doing things – i.e. you should have a project in mind, and then you find the…

  • Pot holders – Farmyard Collection
    Pot holders – Farmyard Collection

    I came across a wonderful set of farmyard inspired tapestry crochet potholders and have been busy as a bee crocheting away a whole range of them – they are simple but really cute. Here are some of the ones which I have made – they make real cute sets! I always use mercerized cotton for…

  • Crochet Granny square handbag – getting ready for spring!!
    Crochet Granny square handbag – getting ready for spring!!

    Hey fellow crafters!  With the weather getting a little warmer, I thought that a nice spring handbag would be a great project – so here is one I made up.  I used mercerised cotton DK in 3 colours and a 3.5mm crochet hook. Each side of the bag is made by joining 9 granny squares,…

  • Froggie Bonnet Bonanza – Free Pattern!!
    Froggie Bonnet Bonanza – Free Pattern!!

    Hey all! This hat is such a hit that I’ve made a whole bunch more in different colours! What colour will you wear ? I call dibs on the red one – ha ha ha! I would like to give a shout-out to my model, Ms Halle “Bearry” – she has been most cooperative and…

  • Crochet multi-colour Pencil Case / make-up bag/ toiletries pouch – Free Pattern
    Crochet multi-colour Pencil Case / make-up bag/ toiletries pouch – Free Pattern

    Hey all! Hope you are doing fine and churning out fabulous projects! If you need some inspiration, here is an easy one which I designed and made from nylon crochet thread (the same that I used to make the belt in my previous project ). Again, thanks to the stiff and abrasive nature, it lends…

  • Crochet multi-colour Belt – Free Pattern
    Crochet multi-colour Belt – Free Pattern

    Hey fellow crocheters, I recently bought some rather nice nylon crochet thread because I really liked the colours. Nylon is quite stiff and abrasive , so you have to be careful what you use it for. I  decided to make a belt. The pattern is quite straight forward – it’s mainly single crochet (US Terms).…

  • Versatile Seaside wrap
    Versatile Seaside wrap

    Hey all! I came across this really beautiful boho-inspired wrap – and here is my version. I used different yarn and hook size – which explains the difference in size from the one you see in the pattern – but I love it! As you can see, it can be worn 2-ways: 1 – over…

  • The Virus Shawl
    The Virus Shawl

    Firstly, a little disclaimer about the title of this post and the name of this pattern i.e. “The Virus Shawl” – it has been around for years and has nothing to do with COVID-19.  Read more here and find link to the free-pattern for this lovely crochet shawl .

  • Beach dress – written pattern
    Beach dress – written pattern

    A few posts ago, I shared a free pattern for a beach dress (size 8-10) published by Katia at ( pattern is available only in graph form – which is quite hard to follow, so I have prepared a written version. I did try to modify this so that rather than preparing front and back…

  • Stylecraft Fruit Garden Crochet Along (CAL) by Jane Crowfoot
    Stylecraft Fruit Garden Crochet Along (CAL) by Jane Crowfoot

    I recently came across a post in one of the Facebook crochet groups for a most beautiful Crochet-Along (CAL) project inspired by embroidery works by May Morris,  daughter of William Morris . I could not resist – so I signed up, bought the yarn pack and have just started. As we have just started, only…

  • Crochet Summer Beach Dress
    Crochet Summer Beach Dress

    Summer is round the corner – so here is my first creation for summer – a stylish multi-coloured beach dress. It’s made using the Jaipu Cake cotton yarn from Katia. The published pattern can be found here : I am working on an modification (improvement) to the pattern as we speak and will post…

  • Pastel Flower Baby blanket
    Pastel Flower Baby blanket

    I’m so happy with this gorgeous baby blanket which I made for a friend . It’s using the same technique as in my last post (Colourful Lapghan). Next up will be a cute little girls handbag…..keep a lookout for it!

  • Granny Square Lapghan
    Granny Square Lapghan

    I’ve been rather busy putting this very colourful lapghan together . It’s similar to the Colourful Lined Baby blanket I made some time back . Hope you like it! I’m now working on one in pastel colours. Check back soon for updates!

  • Pretty Petals Coasters
    Pretty Petals Coasters

    I came across this cute coaster pattern sometime back (actually it’s been a few years!), and I knew I would make them, but not immediately. I guess I was waiting to have the right yarn in hand. I used a variegated cotton yarn for the flower and then a thicker dark blue cotton yarn for…

  • Infinity Scarf
    Infinity Scarf

    I love winter, and it is slowly on it’s way in 🙂 One of the things I love about winter is the clothes – those warm, soft & fluffy woolies, in which you wrap up tight.  So, here is my first project in preparation for this season : the infinity scarf. I love infinity scarves…

  • Santa Cushion
    Santa Cushion

    Christmas is round the corner, and I can’t wait to start decorating! Here is a Santa cushion cover I made inspired by a pattern published here: Instead of using a zipper to close, I used buttons and crocheted little hoops. Enjoy!    

  • Colourful Lined Baby blanket
    Colourful Lined Baby blanket

    I came across this  lovely pattern on a blog called (Mille Makes) and have adapted it to make a stylish baby blanket: I lined it with flannel (that was quite challenging!), as the design has holes and you  don’t want little fingers from getting caught in the design. This is a fantastic way to use up…

  • Tapestry Crochet
    Tapestry Crochet

    I am always on the lookout for new techniques and ideas when it comes to crochet and recently, I came across something called tapestry crochet. This technique will allow you to make the most beautiful and intricate designs – some can look very complex and you might think that they are for very experienced crocheters…

  • Turquoise sturdy handbag – Variations
    Turquoise sturdy handbag – Variations

    I have fallen in love with this bag – so much so – that I ended up making several more , with a few variations. Here they are: With ribbon : 2 colours : With a wide shoulder strap

  • Turquoise sturdy handbag
    Turquoise sturdy handbag

    Did I mention I love bags? Well, I couldn’t help making this one and I am very pleased with how it turned out. I will be making more in different colours…..and maybe even mixing colours up a bit 🙂

  • Lined Net Shoulder Bag
    Lined Net Shoulder Bag

    Do you remember those plastic bag/baskets which had holes and used to be quite popular for carrying grocery shopping?- It’s baskets like the green one shown below that I remember seeing commonly used by housewives doing their grocery shopping at the corner grocer shop. Today, there are very few little grocers left – being replaced…

  • Eco-Friendly Market Bag
    Eco-Friendly Market Bag

    This cute bag is really easy to make and, in fact, I have got hooked and made several. I used DK cotton yarn for these – and you will need approximately 50g to make this. The instructions are written using US terms. Abbreviations: CH – chain stitch SlSt -Slip Stitch SC – single crochet HDC…

  • Summer Beach Themed Tote Bag
    Summer Beach Themed Tote Bag

    This beach themed bag reminds me of the sun & sea with it’s 3D starfish and conch shells as decorations. I was inspired by the Maltese summers an beaches in Malta.

  • Boho Tote Bag
    Boho Tote Bag

    This tote bag design brings to my mind , the flower power generation, the 60s, hippies, Boho-chic – I think of music festivals, painted Volkswagon Beetles and vans – even the scoobie Doo mystery machine….. So now, I will share with you my pattern to make this gogeous tote. I used a variagated yarn by “Katia”…

  • Lotus Flower – Part 7
    Lotus Flower – Part 7

    Step 90  – Blue Yarn SC (on 12th SC from brown DC). Cluster of 2 FDC (1st DC around leg of next blue DC, 2nd DC under blue cluster), skip brown stitch, 5 SC 29 SC in front brown loop 5 SC Cluster of 2 FDC (1st DC under blue cluster, 2nd DC around leg…

  • Lotus Flower – Part 6
    Lotus Flower – Part 6

    Step 80  – White Yarn 23 SC (22nd & 23rd on brown DC). Cluster of 3 TR in white cluster. Skip 1 stitch. 10 SC in back loop Repeat (2) to (3) one more time Cluster of 3 TR in white cluster. Skip 1 stitch. 2 SC. Repeat from (1) all the way round and…

  • Lotus Flower – Part 5
    Lotus Flower – Part 5

    Step 70  – Purple Yarn 3 SC (1st on white DC). 1 DC in front loop of white stitch. Skip 1 white stitch. SC. (FDC around blue DC. Skip 1 white stitch. SC.) 3 times 1 DC in front loop of white stitch. Skip 1 white stitch. 33 SC. Repeat from (2) all the way…

  • Lotus Flower – Part 4
    Lotus Flower – Part 4

    Step 60  – White Yarn 2 SC 2 FDC around the 2 white DCs, skip 2 blue stitches, SC 2 FDC around the 2 white DCs, skip 2 blue stitches, 2 SC DC in front loop of blue stitch, skip next blue stitch repeat from (1) to (4) 2 more times 2SC, 2FDC around white…

  • Lotus Flower – Part 3
    Lotus Flower – Part 3

    Step 40  – Brown Yarn 15 SC (4th on the white cluster) Cluster of 2 FTR in next 2 brown DCs, Skip 1 white stitch, 23 SC (12th on white cluster) Repeat from (2) all the way round. N.B. on last repeat, finish with 8 SC instead of  23 SC and join with slip stitch.…

  • Lotus Flower – Part 2
    Lotus Flower – Part 2

    Step 21 – Purple Yarn SC into 5th SC from white DC FDC into 1st purple DC DC into front loop of next purple DC (you will see the white cluster infront of it) FDC into 3rd purple DC Skip 3 white stitches, SC FDC into each purple DC (i.e 3 FDCs) Skip 3 white…

  • Lotus Flower – Part 1
    Lotus Flower – Part 1

      04/05/2019 – Latest update: I have just found out that the designer of this awesome pattern is a very talented Russian lady named Evgenia Tychenko.  I am blown over by her talent! If you would like to see more of her wonderful designs then you should visit: . I came across this most beautiful…

  • Sunny Summer Table Doily
    Sunny Summer Table Doily

    It’s been a long time since I have posted anything here, but that doesnt mean I have been idle! I have completed lots of projects but this one, is one of my own designs. I posted this photo in a numer of facebook groups and recieved an overwhelming positive response and enquiries about the pattern.…

  • Charlotte’s Square
    Charlotte’s Square

    This was the first ‘Internet’ pattern I tried. The source I used split the pattern into 3 parts. Here they are : Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Here a couple of cushion covers I made using this pattern.