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Crochet Granny square handbag – getting ready for spring!!

Hey fellow crafters!  With the weather getting a little warmer, I thought that a nice spring handbag would be a great project – so here is one I made up.  I used mercerised cotton DK in 3 colours and a 3.5mm crochet hook.


Each side of the bag is made by joining 9 granny squares, and then joined by crocheting single crochet through adjacent aligned squares. Below is the pattern of the granny square seen in this bag.

The granny square pattern


Abbreviations (US terms):
CH – chain
SC – Single Crochet
HDC – Half double crochet
DC – Double Crochet
TC -Triple Crochet
DC2TOG – 2 DC together (for instructions of how to do this please refer to external link)
DC3TOG – 3 DC together also known as cluster stitch (for instructions on how to do this, please refer to this external link)

Round 1 : Using grey yarn, in a magic ring, CH, 8SC, join with slip stitch into the 1st SC to complete the ring. (8 stitches)
Round 2 : CH, 2SC in  each SC from Round 1, all the way round. Join with slip stitch into the 1st SC to complete the ring (16 stitches). Cast off.
Round 3 : Using the lilac coloured yarn, join the any SC from Round 2, and CH 2. In the same SC, DC. CH, Repeat (DC2tog in next SC, CH) all the way round . Join with a slip stitch into 2nd chain of the first 2 chains which you started the round with.  Cast off. (16 Stitches, 16 spaces)
Round 4 : Using the grey yarn, join in any chain space made in Round 3 and CH 2. In the same chain space, DC2tog, and CH 2. Repeat (DC3tog, CH 2) all the way round in each chain space from round 3. Join with a slip stitch into the 3nd chain of the first 2 chains which you started the round with. Cast off. (16 stitches, 16 spaces)
Round 5 : Using the white yarn, join in any chain space made in Round 4 and CH 3. In the same chain space, 2 DC. 3 HDC in next chain space. 3 DC in next chain space. (3 TC, CH2, 3TC) in next chain space – this forms the first corner of the granny square. Repeat {3DC in next Chain space, 3HDC in next chain space, 3DC in next chain space, (3TC, CH2, 3TC) in next chain space } 3 times. Join with a slip stitch into 2nd chain of the first 2 chains which you started the round with.  Cast off.


Once you have completed all 18 squares, join them by aligning 2 squares next to each other and using SC to join the corresponding stitches . I used the lilac yarn to do this, but you can choose the colour of your choice. Do this to create 2 panels of 9 squares joined together (one for the back and the other for the front of the bag).

To create some depth in the bag, with the external side facing you, join lilac yarn in any corner or panel and DC in each stich all the way around 3 of the sides of  the panel and cast off – do this for both front and back panels of the bag. Then, place the front and back panels on top of each other, so that the side where there is no DC rows aligned and with the inside of the panels facing you – i,e. this inside out. Using lilac yarn, join the panels on the 3 sides which you did a row of DC by doing SC through DCs on both panels – i.e  the SC would go through the DC on front and back panel. This way, the join which is created will be on the inside of the bag. Do this all the way round the 3 sides.  Do not cast off yet! Turn the bag the right way round . Do SC in each stitch on the edge which is the opening of the bag- this will define the opening of the bag nicely. 


This is always somewhat of a challenge – what handles to make ? I decided to try something different and came across a lace like design – while the pattern is for a much finer yarn, it has worked very well with DK too and I think make ideal fancy handles! Here is the tutorial of how to make them – though the video is not in English, it is very easy to follow. 

  I am now off to make some more in other colours! Hope this has inspired you to make your own. Please share and Happy crocheting!

Cute little bag – with tapestry crochet base

A few posts ago, I showed you my very first attempt at tapestry crochet, in which I made a little “bowl”.

Well, I was not satisfied and went on to transform it into a little bag. I did not make the sides using tapestry crochet, but instead made little puff stitches – like the ones used in the inifinty scarf which I posted about in my last post. Here it is – what do you think?


Tapestry Crochet

I am always on the lookout for new techniques and ideas when it comes to crochet and recently, I came across something called tapestry crochet. This technique will allow you to make the most beautiful and intricate designs – some can look very complex and you might think that they are for very experienced crocheters – but other than multiple colour changes, tapestry crochet is practically the same as normal crochet, using a single crochet as the main stitch, and using several colours of yarn at the same time.  So give it a try!

Here is my first attempt where I wanted to get a feel of the technique – the pattern I made up as I went long.  It’s a little bowl 🙂

Here is a link to some tips which will help you along the way:  https://shop.mybluprint.com/crocheting/article/tapestry-crochet-tips/

Now – I’m off to start my next tapestry crochet project – so stay tuned….

Turquoise sturdy handbag

Did I mention I love bags? Well, I couldn’t help making this one and I am very pleased with how it turned out. I will be making more in different colours…..and maybe even mixing colours up a bit 🙂

The free pattern can be found at : http://www.thelavenderchair.com/daisy-fields-beach-bag-crochet-pattern/

TIP: While the pattern calles for a chunky cotton yarn, if you like, you can also crochet this using two strands of DK acrylic – and a 6.5mm hook. It will take amost 4 x 50g balls.

TIP 2: I cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of the base of the bag (from a shoe box , which I was going to throw away), covered it nice fabric, and put it in the bag. That way, the base stays flat. It is not sewn in so you can easily remove it before washing the bag.


Lined Net Shoulder Bag

Do you remember those plastic bag/baskets which had holes and used to be quite popular for carrying grocery shopping?- It’s baskets like the green one shown below that I remember seeing commonly used by housewives doing their grocery shopping at the corner grocer shop. Today, there are very few little grocers left – being replaced by the large supermarkets or chains of mini-marts. Also, few people have baskets like this – often opting for totes or other branded shopping bags which you can buy from the supermarket which checking out.

Image result for retro flexible plastic basket with handles


This bag is inspired by the pastic one above. I have lined it as well so that it stays sturdy, but this is not a requirement. But if you do line it, then it’s perfect for carrying a laptop and notebooks/books .Here is my bag:



I used Katia’s multicolour cotton yarn (Funny rainbow star) for this using a 3.0mm hook. You will need approximately 100g. The instructions are written using US terms.


CH – chain stitch
SlSt -Slip Stitch
SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet
DC – double crochet
TR – triple crochet


Bag Body

CH 101

Row 1 – 100 HDC in front loop of each chain starting from the 2nd chain.

Row 2 – 100 HDC in back loop of each chain and SlSt into the 1st HDC made in Row 1.

Row 3 – CH 2, DC in each HDC all the way round , joining with a SlSt into the 2nd chain you started this row with.

Rows 4-5 – Repeat Row 3.

Row 6 –  CH 2, DC 4, (CH 3, skip 2 stitches) x 30 times. 10DC, (CH 3, skip 2 stitches) x 30 times, 5 DC, and join with SlSt into 2nd chain you started this Row with.

Rows 7-10 – repeat Row 6.

Row 11 – CH 2, 199 DC all the way round and join with SlSt.

Rows 12-16 – repeat Row 6.

Row 17 – Repeat Row 11.

Rows 18-22 – repeat Row 6.

Row 23 – repeat Row 11.

Rows 24-28 – Repeat Row 6.

Row 29 – Repeat Row 11.

Rows 30-34 – Repeat Row 6.

Row 35-36 – Repeat Row 11. Cast off.


I took some cream coloured cotton fabric and cut and sewed it into a bag that would fit. Then, I sewed it to the crochet bag at the bottom, and also at intervals – I chose to do so through Rows 11, 17. 23 and 29, making sure as much as possible that there are bo creases in the fabric inside bag and it sits straight. Fold the top of the bag over the inner fabric bag and sew along the edge.

To finish this off nicely, using a very small hook (I used a 1.1 mm), 200 SC over the top and into the fabric all the way round the rim of the bag. SlSt to close and cast off.

Button flap

I’ve used a double crochet method to have a nice and sturdy flap. This is how it’s done:

Using the 3.0 mm hook, skip 38 SC from previous step.

Step 1 – 26 SC in back look of SCs from the Lining Instructions above. Turn.

Step 2 – CH 1, 26 SC though front loop of  SC just made + loop which you didnt use from the previous SC (lining Instructions).  Turn.

Repeat Step 2 till the flap measure 6 cm.

Now, we will make the button hole.

Step 3 – CH1, 11 SC (through front loop of previous SC + loop from the row before), CH4, 11SC (through front loop of previous SC + loop from the row before). Turn

Step 4 – CH 1, 11 SC (through front loop of previous SC + loop from the row before), 4 SC in back loop of CHs , 11 SC (through front loop of previous SC + loop from the row before). Turn.

Repeat Step 2 twice. Cast-off.

Find an appropriately sized button and sew it onto the bag, making sure that it lins up with the button hole.


I decided to make a braided strap. To do this,  crochet 3 cords measuring around 70 cm as follows:

In a magic ring, 3CH, 6 DC. Join to 3 CH with SlSt.

Repeat 3 CH, 6 DC, join to 2CH with SlSt  – will cord measures around 70 cm.

Once you hve made 3 cords, braid them – securing them by sewing together along the way, so make sure they don’t unravel. Then each end of the braid to opposit ends on the inside of the opening of the bag.


Here is how to crochet the flower:

Step 1 – In a magic ring, CH3, 12 DC, and close by joining with SlSt.

Step 2 – Repeat (CH 4, skip 1 DC, SlSt into the next Stitch) all the way round – you should have 6 loops.

Step 3 – Repeat (CH 5, skip 1 DC, SlSt into the same Sticth as in step before this) all the way round.

Step 4 – Repeat (CH 6, skip 1 DC, SlSt into the same Sticth as in step before this) all the way round.

Step 5 – Working in the 4 Ch loops formed in Step 2, Repeat (SlSt into loop, SC, DC, SC, SlSt) in each 4 chain loop. Close by SlSt into first SC.

Step 6 – Working in the 5 Ch loops formed in Step 3, Repeat (SlSt into loop, SC, DC, TR,DC, SC, SlSt) in each 5 chain loop. Close by SlSt into first SC.

Step 7 – Working in the 6 Ch loops formed in Step 4, Repeat (SlSt into loop, SC, DC, 2TR, DC, SC, SlSt) in each 6 chain loop. Close by SlSt into first SC. Cast off.

Sew the flower onto the bag.

Summer Beach Themed Tote Bag

This  beach themed bag reminds me of the sun & sea with it’s 3D starfish and conch shells as decorations. I was inspired by the Maltese summers an beaches in Malta.


I’ve made it using the same base pattern that I published earlier ( https://manjrisplace.wordpress.com/2019/06/20/boho-tote-bag/) .  The starfish and  conch shells I adapted from a free pattern found on Ravely (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sea-shell-motifs–garland).