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Cute little bag – with tapestry crochet base

A few posts ago, I showed you my very first attempt at tapestry crochet, in which I made a little “bowl”.

Well, I was not satisfied and went on to transform it into a little bag. I did not make the sides using tapestry crochet, but instead made little puff stitches – like the ones used in the inifinty scarf which I posted about in my last post. Here it is – what do you think?


Infinity Scarf

I love winter, and it is slowly on it’s way in ūüôā One of the things I love about winter is the clothes – those warm, soft & fluffy woolies, in which you wrap up tight.  So, here is my first project in preparation for this season : the infinity scarf.

I love infinity scarves as they are so versatile and you can wear them in many ways.

For this one, I have used a variagated yarn by Katia which has a gold thread running through it, but you can use any yarn of your choice. As for stitch choice, I used the puff stitch because it forms double-sided bobbles that are both thick and fluffy – just what you want for your scarf.

This is a really easy project, and in case you have not made a puff stitch before, here is an explanation :

Step 1 : –  Start by making a chain ( it should be in multiples of 2 stitches plus 4) till it is as wide as you would like your scarf to be.

Step 2: – Once you have made the chain, yarn over hook and insert the hook into the 4th chain from hook. Yarn over again and draw up a loop. You should have three loops on your hook. ** Yarn over hook and insert the hook into the same 4th chain from hook. Yarn over again and draw up a loop. ** Repeat from. You should now have 7  loops on the hook. (N.B. some people will even make puff stitches with 9 or 11 loops – it’s totally upto you – but I opted for 7.)

Step 3 : – Yarn over and draw the yarn through all the loops. This is your Puff Stitch.

Step 4: – With the loop pulled through the puff stitch, make a single chain to secure your Puff stitch.

Step 5: – Skip 1 chain stitch and make your next puff stitch in the next chain stitch. Repeat till you get to the end of the chain. You should end the row with a puff stitch.

Step 6: – At the end of your row, flip your work and make 3 chain stitches.

Step 7:- For all subsequent rows, make your puff stitches in the chain-1 space from the previous row.

Repeat till the scarf is as long as you like. Once done, I joined the last row to the initial row with slip stiches – but you can sew this if you prefer.



Santa Cushion

Christmas is round the corner, and I can’t wait to start decorating!

Here is a Santa cushion cover I made inspired by a pattern published here:

Instead of using a zipper to close, I used buttons and crocheted little hoops.




To “Gnome” me is to love me…..

Christmas has to be my favourite time of the year, and this year, I just had to make some Scandanavian Christmas gnomes – oh my gosh – they are just adorable! You can find lots of free patterns on ravelry, and then put your own spin on them. Here are some of mine…..and keep a look out – there are more already being made .

Blue and Grey Cushion Covers

Do you ever buy yarn because you like the colour or texture even without having a project in mind? Well, I am guilty of that! In fact, sometimes I end up using the yarn for a project, only to undo it later as I find that it’s not quite right. I have this really lovely cotton yarn by the brand Katia. It is silky and unlike most other DK cotton I have used , it’s not stiff at all. The yarn is variagated  in blues and greys. After a number of  other projects, I settled for cushion covers. There is no patterm – I just winged it. I am quite pleased with how they have turned out. What do you think?


Colourful Lined Baby blanket

I came across this  lovely pattern on a blog called (Mille Makes) and have adapted it to make a stylish baby blanket:

I lined it with flannel (that was quite challenging!), as the design has holes and you¬† don’t want little fingers from getting caught in the design.¬†This is a fantastic way to use up any left ofver yarn.

What do you think?

Toddler Slippers


Here are some slippers I made for toddlers. Again, I modified the Elmo  pattern which I shared in my earlier post (, so that it is bigger, and added the white row detail as well as the straps. Toddlers love running around barefoot, or with just socks on , so this is a  great and stylish way to keep little toes warm. What do you think?