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Crochet multi-colour Belt – Free Pattern

Hey fellow crocheters,

I recently bought some rather nice nylon crochet thread because I really liked the colours. Nylon is quite stiff and abrasive , so you have to be careful what you use it for. I  decided to make a belt. The pattern is quite straight forward – it’s mainly single crochet (US Terms). However, even though the nylon is stiff, I did a double layer as I felt that the belts should be pretty stiff. Here is the pattern :

I used a 1.4mm crochet hook for this project.

CH – chain stitch
SC – single crochet

YO – yarn over

Start with 11 CH

Row 1: skip first chain and 1 SC into remaining 10 CH, ch 1 and turn

Row 2: To create a double layer SC, put hook through the backloop only of the SC made on row 1 and also the loop left over from initial chain stitch (see marked image below).  Repeat till end of row, ch1 and turn.


Row 3 :  From now on, the double layer sc will be easier to make.  Insert hook through the leftmost loop in the sc just made on last row, and in the remaining loop in the corresponding stitch in the previous row. Repeat till end of the row, ch1 and turn.


Keep working this way till you reach the desired length.

For the buckle, I used 2 brass hoops, recycled from an old handbag . 


Hope this has given you some ideas!

Happy crocheting!